Objectives of Ziwa Mashariki will include:
  • Organizing biennial Ziwa Mashariki Forum which shall be hosted within Kenya in conjunction with any County Government bordering either Lake Victoria or the Indian Ocean. The event shall be organized in collaboration with Government of Kenya. The Ziwa Mashariki Forum will seek to bring together the government of Kenya ministries, departments and agencies, development partners, academia, entrepreneur and local community represented by civil society for engagement and discussions on how aquatic resources can be conserved and sustainably exploited in a way that ensures that sustainable jobs are created and products processed and distributed in a manner that increases government of Kenya exports to earn foreign exchange.Ziwa Mashariki will also debate how socio-economic challenges associated with artisanal fishing such as prevalence of HIV /AIDS, teenage pregnancies and high rate of school dropout can be addressed.
  • Linking and connecting the development partners and local community, ensuring that the latter gets the assistance and support it requires to sustainably harness aquatic resources. Conducting monitoring and evaluation to assess the impact of the donor assistance.
  • Creating linkage between potential investors who are keen on investing in strategic areas of the blue economy within Kenya and the relevant Government of Kenya agencies.
  • Partnering with relevant civil societies and international organization to champion and articulate the need to conserve and ensure sustainable use of aquatic resource for poverty alleviation.
  • Engaging with Government of Kenya Ministries, department and agencies, and the national assembly in the development of policies, regulations and legislation on matters of environmental conservation as relates to marine conservation and sustainable exploitation of aquatic resources